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The Stuntman/Fight Choreographer was born in Madison, Wisconsin on June 12, 1971.  The Chinese/American had performed all his life in music, the arts, and in sports. Although a student of the American Academy of Music, his first love was martial arts. Lee’s background in classical piano and violin was overshadowed greatly by his championship training from martial art masters Wei Kong Koo and Sang Kee Paik. Lee went on to win 4 ISKA World Championships in a row on ESPN and multiple national martial arts championships in the '90's. His discovery in 1993 by directors/producers Doug Schwartz and Michael Berke of Baywatch along with wrestling star Hulk Hogan led to his notoriety as a film and television villain. A member of the Kahana Stunt Team, Lee is best known for stunts, character villains, and fight choreography in particular in the areas of martial art weaponry and firearms. Currently developing martial arts program Dragonfly ASD for kids with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome (

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